UMBER Aboriginal Art showcases hand-selected works from Indigenous Australian artists, across one of the most remote and vast areas on earth; the Central and Western deserts of Australia. These mesmerising works offer a glimpse into the deep-rooted ancestral knowledge, cultural traditions and Tjukurrpa; preserved for thousands of years. 


    Tjukurrpa, otherwise known in western terminology as ‘The Dreaming’, can be understood as a record of a lived and shared relationship with the natural world, immortalised through song, ceremony and most notably, Aboriginal art-making. 


    UMBER thoughtfully curates works from a variety of Indigenous communities within the Central and Western Deserts. A number of the artworks originate from, but are not limited to, the Pintupi, Pitjantjatjara and Warlpiri language groups. The multitude of Tjukurrpa recorded in these works, speak for the diversity of knowledge within each tribal culture, tribal region, and language group across the Central and Western Desert. Today, there exist over 40 Aboriginal groups in this area, with over 20 language dialects. 


    UMBER strives to celebrate this diversity through our curatorial practice, our work is procured across the highest ethical standards, showcasing supreme Aboriginal artistry, with an enhanced focus on materiality. We pursue works with the best preparations of Belgian Linen, and European acrylic paints. UMBER seeks to educate a growing global audience on collectable Aboriginal art, to provide grounds for its significance and its conservation. Each artwork stands as a unique historical document, eternalising one of the oldest living cultures on earth. 


    UMBER is a proud member of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia. We encourage an inspirational space, for Aboriginal artists to preserve their traditions, share their stories, and continue to educate younger generations through the creation of contemporary artefacts.


    UMBER exists and operates on the unceded land of the Gadigal people.